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Critical Pro Tips in Bird Control

Oct 18

Many pest control professionals are frustrated by the difficulty of tackling bird control tasks. It can be difficult, we get it. These are 3 Tips to Make Your Job Easier.

  1. Make sure to properly disinfect

Bird pheromones can influence bird behavior. A flock that has produced generations of offspring will almost always return home to its nesting site. Use a product with the right ingredients to remove the pheromone imprint. Some cleaning products are not effective. Be aware of what products will produce lasting results.

  1. Hot Spot Treatments

It is important to establish a hot spot treatment area when working on large, complex bird jobs. To ensure proper results and long-term success, communicate with your customer how you plan to set up a testing area. This smart strategy will help you both save time and money.

  1. Expert Consultation

For advice and guidance, it is a good idea to seek out a professional if you are new to bird work or have a complicated task. A trained professional with knowledge of bird biology and species can help you find the right solution. You will be able to find new jobs as a birder and save time by having a trusted partner.

Pest birds have been a problem for decades. They cause significant damage to crops and commercial buildings as well as warehouse supplies, personal property, public recreation areas, personal property and warehouse supplies. Bird control professionals have been constantly innovating new technologies to control birds and installing these products. This is done to assist property owners in overcoming these problems and protect their property as well as the people who use it.

However, new products may not always be welcomed by property owners or bird control specialists. It's possible to use tried-and-true products such as bird spikes, shock wire and netting. New technology is often more efficient at achieving the primary goal. Experts recommend that you explain the benefits of new technology to bird control. This can build trust.

Top New Technology Solutions for Bird Control

Technology offers solutions to old problems in all industries. Bird control is no exception. The two main products that have revolutionized the bird control industry and changed how professionals deal with bird problems are Eagle Eye and Optical Gel.

Although they are completely different products, Eagle Eye and Optical Gel both depend on the UV rays being reflected to keep birds away from certain areas. Each product's unique functions can help you decide which solution is right for you.

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye was created to deter birds from open spaces. It is the first product to keep birds at least 150 feet from buildings. It is designed to be used when heavy bird pressure situations are not in progress. A combination of several devices works together to create an airspace barrier. Eagle Eye is a system that reflects sunlight in a pattern to make birds feel threatened when they fly by attracting birds.

Optical Gel

Optical Gel, a multi-sensory deterrent that deters birds from landing or roosting is highly effective. It reflects ultraviolet rays to create optical illusions and other touch and smell deterrent properties. It is a small dish that contains natural ingredients like peppermint oil and beeswax. The Optical Gel disk is the only bird repellent currently tested and proven to work. It is multi-sensory and high-pressure. It is generally considered safe and does not contain pesticides.

What are the benefits of using new technology solutions for bird control?

It is important that you can confidently offer bird control specialists recommendations that best suit the customer's needs. It can be difficult to explain how new products might be more efficient and effective.

Property owners who have relied on spikes, netting, or other exclusionary products for their property can find newer solutions to be a bit confusing. Even experienced professionals may have trouble trusting new technology. Both Eagle Eye and Optical Gel are unique solutions that have different properties.

Understanding the purpose of these products is crucial in order to understand why they are worthwhile. Eagle Eye is a product that can be used for a long time. It creates flashes of light that resemble a threat to birds by reflecting sunlight. Optical Gel can be used as a deterrent at close range with exclusionary properties. It reflects sunlight back towards birds within a few feet.

How Reflection Deters Birds Effectively

Eagle Eye and Optical Gel are two different solutions that work well in different circumstances. Both depend on sunlight's reflection as a primary deterrent. The sun is not a threat to birds, but the patterns that sunlight creates mimic certain threats faced by birds in their natural habitats.

Common descriptions are used to explain how birds perceive the optical illusions created with Optical Gel and Eagle Eye. Eagle Eye may distribute shadows and reflections in a manner that is similar to what birds see when a predator hovers above them. Optical Gel is often described as smoke or flames by birds. These descriptions can make it seem less useful.

It's impossible to say how birds perceive different reflections of sun's rays. We do know that reflections can disorient birds when they fly. These products reflect the sun's rays, causing birds to be in direct contact with ultraviolet rays that can irritate their eyes. They then change their course. The bird sees no attractive area or a particular ledge as a place to make their home or visit.

New tools for better results

Spikes and netting, which have been tried and tested over time, still offer the same effective bird control. In certain cases, however, you may need to combine new technology with existing methods for a cost-effective and thorough solution.

Both Eagle Eye and Optical Gel have the major advantage of deterring birds from flying. Property owners can stop a pest birds’ problem from ever starting. This is important because it dramatically reduces damage caused by pest birds.

This benefit comes with a caveat: a reflective solution will not be effective in high bird pressure areas where birds’ nest already. Optical Gel is a multi-sensory deterrent that takes things to the next level. Birds also find the smell and sticky texture of Optical Gel unpleasant, even if they don't see it. Optical Gel can be used in all situations of bird pressure. When properly installed, it provides a 100% efficacy.

Overcoming Customer Hesitance

It's okay to stick with the tried-and-true solutions if property owners are hesitant to try new solutions. It is important to let customers know about the benefits that these products can offer. Eagle Eye and Optical Gel offer property owners aesthetically pleasing solutions. They work well, but also solve the problem without ever highlighting it.

A well-informed decision is the best way to ensure effective pest bird control. Pest control professionals must be armed with the necessary knowledge to provide the best service. Solid Avian Solutions experts can help you learn more about different bird control options and answer all your questions regarding new technology solutions for bird controlling.

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